First Nights

Session 13 - Flight to Enoch

Baldhur, CS and me (Callie) had gone to Enoch to get some supplies. Enoch was quite surprised that we were still alive because they hadn’t gotten any news from any other villages in a few months. Things have gotten pretty bad with the formori attacks lately. In a friendly neighbour effort, they sent Mordecai with us to check up on the town.

We arrive at the town at dusk and it’s eerily quiet. I’m talking a storm to Mordecai about how Veronica was supposed to marry Brad but instead she spurned her father’s wishes and is now with Tim (and gossip, gossip, gossip) when CS calls a halt. He noticed that the guard who’s normally posted outside of town and absent and that there’s a reddish streak leading into the nearby woods. Just then we hear the creaking of a door and see CS’s uncle Abe stumbling towards our direction. CS quickly runs over to check on him because he’s got all the scratch marks on him. I know a thing or two about medicine, so I put his head on my lap and try to ascertain what’s wrong with him. I immediately regret that because his body is burning to the touch and his sweat has burned a hole right through my dress. I curse out loud. It was my favourite dress and now I have to tear it at the knees.

While we are checking on Abe, Mordecai goes to check out the town because he’s a big brave guard. He ventures into Abe’s house and it’s pitch black inside. He manages to spark up a torch and he see a women lying down on top of someone and she seems to be spasming a little. Mordecai asks the lady if she’s ok. That’s when her head jerks towards him and she flop her body towards him. Instead of a back, there’s a gaping maw and the spine is lashing in and out like a tongue. The body that she’d been lying down is a mess and Mordecai can’t tell if it was a man or a woman. Just when he thought he was safe to continue investigating, the thing on the ground rotates her shoulders and legs in an unnatural and starts skittering towards him. He might be a big brave guard, but he isn’t stupid. So he runs back towards the entrance of town. The thing is slower than him so he’s able to get to us well in advance and announces that we have to go. Now. Using my mediocre medicinal skills, I’ve ascertained that there is nothing we can do for Abe anymore anyways. So we flee back towards NotEnoch. Once we gotten to the edge of the forest we catch our breath. I, being a gossipy baking lady, am not exactly used to running, especially when my knees are hurting so much. So the group decides to take a quick break.

As we’re catching our breath, we hear a whispering from the woods. It’s Billy. He’s a 10 year old kid who loves to go play in the woods with his sister Ruth. He tells us that he’s scared and that his parents sent him to go get help. He doesn’t know why but the monsters won’t attack their home. But he too scared to run leave the town too far behind. He’s never gone to NotEnoch on his own. What if he gets lost? Or what if there’s more of those things on the way? Using my best soothing voice I calm him down and tell him that we’re going to go back and save his family. This calms Billy down. So I tell him to stay put and we’ll be back soon with his dad, mom and sister.

So we start heading back to the town. Unfortunately both Baldhur and I aren’t as good at sneaking as Mordecai and CS so I propose to split the party. Those two can go ahead and we’ll cover the rear. On the way back we encounter Abe. Or what’s left of him. His body is in the process of being devoured by 3 formori and like wolves fighting over a carcass they are too busy snapping at each other and munching on human to notice us coming. Mordecai and CS lead the way and head into town to Billy’s house. Baldhur and I aren’t nearly as sneaky so we decide to go towards the town’s other entrance. We just have to cut through some woods first…

At first it seems like everything in the glade is perfectly normal until we hear branch crack above us. Against better judgement we look up and see this arachnoid human coming out of the trees. It’s chest is burst open and it’s ribs have extended to created 8 razor sharp legs. As it’s coming down it spews this blackish mist at us. Baldhur manages to dodge most of it but I freeze up and instinctively cover my face with my arm. The stuff burns. Like acid burns. I immediately rip off the sleeve from my dress and try and wipe as much of gunk from my arm with what’s left of my hem. This was not a good day to wear my favourite dress. Meanwhile Baldhur is taking care of business. He stabs the arachnoid with his spear, deftly dodges an attack and bashes it’s head in with his club. As he’s helping me back up we hear more rustling in the branches. This time we use our better judgement and run. We run like crazy to Billy’s home…

Mordecai and CS meanwhile have successfully sneaked to Billy’s home. There they find that the house has been barricaded and that Billy’s parents and sister are indeed still alive. However they refuse to leave their home. It’s safe in there and the wild is too dangerous at night. Mordecai and CS go in the house and immediately they see this strange crest-like thing upon the mantel made up of weapons. After some inquiry they find out that Billy and his sister Ruth had been playing in the Forbidden woods and had found this thing. They thought it was cool so they brought it back to town. That’s when the trouble started. CS using his knowledge of werewolf lore recognizes it as a repulsion totem made of holy werewolf weapons. They are usually place to create a fence-like area to protect lands from the things that go bump in the night. Just as they find out about this both Baldhur and I arrive at the house screaming for them to let us in. They open the door and quickly realize why we were screaming so harshly: there are a dozen or so fomori chasing us.

They let us in and quickly barricade the place up. Strangely the fomori all stop at a 5 meter distance from the house. It appears the charm still works after all. I’m happy to be alive, but I can’t let people see me in such a disheveled state so I inquire if they have some water so I could clean this filthy blackish mud off of me. When Billy’s mom sees this she gets a bewildered look in her eyes and immediately reaches for the nearby cleaver. Thankfully Mordecai was much faster than I was and grabs her arm. Billy’s parent quickly explain that the black goo on me is what turned the village and the only way to get it out was to remove the infected appendage. The only flaw with this is that it’s my shoulder area and knees that are infected. Not a finger or a hand as they are used to dealing. That’s when Baldhur inquires if they have a rasping file for smoothing wood. We all look a little confused but realization dawns on us. If we’re going to get the good out, we’re going to have to get rid of all the infected skin. So the boys hold me down and Baldhur starts filing away. He files for a good amount of time and manages to get all of it. Or so he thinks. It’s kind of hard to tell with all the blood. I’ve thankfully passed out from all the pain. As they patch up my wounds as best they can to stop the bleeding CS notices that Baldhur has a bunch of tiny little black spots on the hand he used to file. It seems that the he got some of the goo on him as he was filing. So to avoid making the mistake again, they decide to use the cleaver to flay the skin away. It’s still painful, but nowhere nearly as messy as my wounds. They gather up the infected flesh and put in the hearth. Before leaving tomorrow a fire will get started and hopefully it’ll take the entire village with it.

The next morning I awake in the most pain I’ve ever experienced. Just moving hurts. However it seems the fomori disappeared when dawn rose. So it’s now or never to make a break for it. We gather up what supplies the house has left and we’re all ready to go when we notice that Ruth still isn’t awake. Ruth’s mom goes to her and immediately lets out a sob. Her skin is burning to the touch and her pupils have the black stuff in it. CS notices a fine trail leading back to the hearth. It seems the stuff is sentient to a certain degree. We start the fire and after some arguing with Ruth’s parent agree to bring Ruth with us. Now that it’s daylight we can see that the town is a grisly scene. There are tons of bodies everywhere. Then we hear a howl. It’s a deep wolflike howl that could only come from werewolves. Werewolves which wouldn’t be very happy that their protection totem was stolen. Werewolves which aren’t afraid to kill a few humans.

So we start “running” out of town (I’m more limping). I’m screaming Billy’s name in hopes that he’ll hear us and come to us. As we get to the edge of town we spot Billy. He’s come out of the bushes he was hiding in and is running towards us. Alas just at that moment a giant wolfish man with a spear comes out of the forest behind him. The werewolf cocks his arm back to throw the spear and everything seems to be going in slow-mo. The only one who isn’t standing in shock is Mordecai. He grabs his sling and aims at the werewolf’s arm. His aim is true and he hits the arm just enough that the spear narrowly misses Billy. The wound quickly closes but this angers the werewolf and he charges at us.

Baldhur knowing that normal weapons won’t do anything grabs a glaive from the totem and charges the werewolf. As he pulls it out there’s a clear oomph sound and the totem stops emanating that peaceful aura. CS pulls out his spear and throws a perfect throw. It hits the werewolf right in the throat temporarily stopping it in its tracks. I’m no fighter so I do the only thing that I can think of: run. I urge Billy and his parent to go back to their home. As we’re running back I notice a giant direwolf over in the nearby fields. It’s seems to be digging up something and hasn’t noticed us. I immediately freeze in my tracks in fear. That’s when I see what the direwolf is digging up: formori. It seems they go underground during the daytime. The direwolf makes eyecontact with me and lets off a long howl. I run back towards the rest of the party.

Meanwhile, the guys are doing surprisingly well against the werewolf. When I get there, they’ve just downed it and Baldhur removed it’s head before it could completely regenerate. I inform them that there are more werewolves down in the town. So we book it.

Cue stressing chase scene through the woods as the party is chased by both formori and werewolves

We eventually get out of the woods, but the attacks have pushed us way off course and we emerged on the eastern side of the forest. Seeing no other choice we trek towards Enoch which is supposed to be in the mountains to the east.

Cue trekking through the desert scenes. A man carrying a little falls down and doesn’t get up again. Another woman falls to her knees next to him and starts crying. They other dig a quick grave and they carry on. A few days later the little girl that was with them suddenly bites her mom. The party tries to kill the little girl but the mother won’t let them. She hold the little girl protectively as she continues to bite and gnaw at her. Eventually the mother succumbs to her wounds and collapses. The party quickly moves in and kills the little girl. To be sure they also behead the mom and bury both. More days pass by and the party is staggering every step harder than the next when they see a town in the distance. They’ve finally made it to Enoch

Session 12 - Braving the Tempest

In which the party is reunited on the other side of the barrier between the living and the dead, brave the tempest, find their purpose, return to life, flee eden, obtain their last signature and receive their reward from Caine.

Session 11 - Discovering the Afterlife

In which a plot is revealed and another character meets his demise

Session 10 - A jaunt to the Afterlife

In which the party arrives at the garden of eden and dies, discovering that the afterlife isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

Session 9
An Ally is Corrupted

The party knows that Trelayne is going to be at the waterfall during the next Crescent moon. They lay in wait, Gilboa decides that he will talk to Trelayne, he has his workers extract some of the star metal from the ground in the area in the days leading up to the encounter. Beowulf finds a wyrmhole behind the waterfountain and lies in wait there. Edmond Exelby fetches Ferrus Magnus to help in the ambush. All party members except for Gilboa hide in the area.

Trelayne approaches slowly. Old and whithered, he approaches leaning heavily on a withered wooden cane. He questions Gilboa as to why he is present. Gilboa engages Trelayne in conversation. Trelayne makes a small show of power and Gilboa notices that he ages perceptively when he does. Gilboa begins to try to expose him to the dangers of the power that he has accepted. Trelayne is not receptive to the gentle intervention and when Gilboa mentions that they are opposed to Abaddon, he flips completely out. The party springs their trap on Trelayne to mixed results. CS is rooted to the spot literally, axes and knives stop millimeters from him. Ferrus bursts from the treeline, howling his rage for the night to hear. Trelayne pulls the thong that he keeps Cerberus on from around his neck and throws it at Ferrus. It hits him like a tonne of bricks and he folds around it in mid air. Beowulf and Edmond Exelby high/low Trelayne, tearing the old man apart with their bare hands. The old man collapses into a swarm of snakes that slither into the river. Gilboa rushes to aid Ferrus who is collasped on his front. Gilboa manages to roll him over and notices that one of his arms is empty like a discarded shirt. A black, thickly muscled arm bursts from the hole in his pelt that Cerberus created. Ferrus’ other arm starts to flop, like a eight year old taking off an loose sweater and the other arms bursts from the chest. A quick windmilling motion and the head and torso of a changed Ferrus bursts from his own skin. He quickly attacks the party and after their best efforts, he flees into the night bleeding the black ichor of corruption on the ground like a vile slime trail. Everyone in the party is injured to some degree or another. Beowulf wanders into the woods to call for Elohim. He is surprised to find a pale woman in the woods by the name of Gangrel. However, it is not the Gangrel that he had met before, leading him to wonder who it was that he had copulated with above Enoch. Gangrel offers to help CS’ character and proceeds to do so, pruning him quickly without permanent damage. Beowulf and CS go into the woods to continue their interrogation of Gangrel while Gilboa and Edmond Exelby take Ferrus’ pelt back to his cave. Cerberus falls from the hole in the pelt and Gilboa quickly pockets it. They search the cave and find some prayer bones and scrying materials along with many stones that Ferrus used to sharpen his unbelievably sharp claws.

While Gilboa is searching the cave, Edmond Exelby grows curious, he slips the pelt over his shoulders and slips his arms into the “sleeves”. The pelt closes around him and he launches into a black rage, attacking and mauling Gilboa. CS hears the commotion and returns, neatly impaling Edmond Exelby on a starmetal sword.

The Beowulf pulls Edmond Exelby out of the pelt and begins to administer the last of the healing salve obtained at the henge. The two are still on deaths door when another pale figure makes himself known to the party. He offers to save the two but warns that there is a price for his help and he will only provide that help to one who will accept that cost. Edmond Exelby leaps at the chance but Gilboa is unconscious and unable to respond for himself. Another pale figure steps from the shadows and offers his services even if the receipient is ignorant of the risk.

The party quickly accepts on Gilboa’s behalf and each stranger pours some of their own blood into the mouths of the injured party members. The two party members become ghouls to their new patrons, Edmond Exelby to the immaculate and polite Ventrue, Gilboa to the crafty Set.

Ventrue offers to take posession of the pelt of Ferrus to keep it out of the hands of random elements and those who would misuse it, revealing that he has seen the future and is building a repository for the powerful artifacts that should not be trusted to the world. The party declines his help stating that they’d rather destroy it themselves. He accepts their reasoning but offers his assistance in harbouring this artifact if they ever need the help.

Elohim then arrives, having been summoned by Beowulf earlier. She is devastated by the apparent death of Ferrus, howling into the night. Before long, the waterfall is teeming with weeping, moroseful and enraged garou. Beowulf spills the beans about Abaddon, Trelayne and Ferrus. The drums of war start to sound as a red lightning bolt splits the sky far off to the North East, the direction the shadow beast that was once Ferrus Magnus fled in.

Session 8
A Refined Monster

The party ventures into the mountains to the south west of Notenoch to meet Belial, as they had been advised to do by Trelayne. The path to the volcano caldera was treacherous but the ascent is made successfully. The party is astounded to find, at the top of the volcano a luscious home. Made from fine marble and gentle columns, a solitary man, clothed in refined and gorgeous clothes is waiting for them with food and water available to sate their terrible hunger and thirst from climbing the steep path up the volcano. Beowulf refuses to indulge but the rest of the party accepts his hospitality.

He explains that he is Belial, a rebel angel cast from heaven for daring to take a stand defending humanity. He followed Lucifer in the red legion and was punished for his sins along with the other fallen. He has a dilemma and the party has need of some services. He would be happy to sign their document if only they would indulge him in a pair of tasks. Firstly, he explains that the rebels angels have fallen into an abyss, held behind the red door at the bottom of the wyrmholes. But, when they leave the place between worlds they need to be concealed within a vessel or God’s fury is made manifest upon them and they twist into monstrous creatures. He needs a vessel and will explain all of the ins and outs of sharing a body with a potential host. Secondly, he needs the party to find and slay his brother Abaddon. While Belial claims that his task in life is to create a better world for mortal man, Abaddon seeks its utter annihilation, further, he has captured a key to the red gate and is prepared to unleash his faction of demons of the abyss to pour across reality and to destroy all of God’s works. He must be pursued and slain in this world, then he must be found in the shadowlands, followed into the malfean realms and destroyed there as well. Belial tells the party that Trelayne would know where Abaddon is and tells them where they can likely find him, at a waterfall under the crescent moon. The party reluctantly agrees to his tasks and returns to Notenoch.

Gilboa delivers an impassioned speech to the people of Notenoch about life in general and asking for a vessel for Belial. His daughters volunteer for the task and he sends them to the volcano with his blessing. The party then prepares to meet Trelayne at the waterfall.

Session 7
Sally Forth to Heal the Wyrm

The Moot gathers and readies for the assault past the Blue gate. The party preps along with the other Garou making the venture. Beowulf’s child Elomina, a healer will be joining the party while Beowulf stays to observe the rituals on this side of the portal.
The group dives into the wyrmhole and falls a day, landing in the same spot the party had been in previously. The gate is opened by Edmond and the Bone Gnawer from the moot, likely trying to recover his lost honour, raced past the gate and into the realm of the wyld, weaver and wyrm. He stumbles back out moments later, his face torn from his head. Ferrus roars with rage and flies into the gate, the garou surging with him.

The other side of the gate is full of vile fomori, they form a large mob between the party and the wyrm, which is writhing on the ceiling. The black ichor is steadily oozing from the flank of the wyrm from where Cereberus pierced it. The garou hit the fomori like a freight train striking a jello mould. The fomori envelop the war party and a mighty melee ensues. The healers of the group prepare a healing circle around the wyrm’s wound. The remainder of the war party creates a defensive ring around the healers and does it’s best to hold the disturbing masses at bay. Fomori of all sizes and mutations surge against the line, leapers dive over the defensive line, the party acquits itself very well and manages to keep themselves alive and contribute to the line. Unfortunately, many of the garou are turned to the other side by the black ichor and strike against their former allies. The line gets thinner and thinner, the healers start to drop as the remainder of the prayer circle works harder to close the wyrm’s wounds. It starts to work, but the healers are dropping like flies now. The war party is a fraction of it’s original size when the wyrm’s injury is sealed. As a mass, the fomori turn and sprint towards the portal to the earth. The party follows, many fomori are slain in the mad rush to the earth but many more are able to get through to the earth. The party gets to the portal and jumps through to reach the Earth. At the last second, the key master, Edmond, turns to see the wyrm’s wound open again and a single drop of the black ichor falling to the ground. The party regroups at Notenoch. Yeisha has an encounter with Trelayne, who seems older again from when the party last saw him. He asks that she bring the party to a mountain in the south to meet Belial, a demon from beyond the red gate.
Session 6
Points made at a moot

The party goes looking for Edmond, out in the woods with Fiana. Yeisha hasn’t been the same since the last session. Beowulf does a less good job than he normally does, but the party does manage to find a henge in the woods. A crystal clear body of water sits in the middle of the clearimg. The moon hangs high in the sky sky. Beowulf notices a rustling sound in the woods and ventures into the underbrush with the rest of the party oblivious. Two figures are encirlcing the henge. Beowulf watches as they circle and waits until they strike against the party. The first figure bursts from the woods and is beaten to the ground by beowulf. He manages to push the garou he is fighting into the water in the middle of the henge. It begins to bubble and froth as the evil garou melts under it’s cleansing effect. He strikes and strikes and strikes with the blade that he was gifted by Gangrel, it is shockingly effective against the garou and he manages to kill one of the moon beasts. The other succombs to wounds inflicted by the rest of the party, but not before howling into the night. The sound of returning howls echoes back to the party as they see the trees around them being pushed this way and that by at least 4 other of the vile beasts. Fianna and Edmond Exelby overhear the howls, Fianna‘s home is not far from the henge and then run to see hwa the commotion is. Yeisha invokes the name of Abdiel who appears, resplendant in his golden armour, bearing his flaming sword. The angel arrives just as the corrupted werewolves break into the clearing of the henge.
Abdiel catches the first one by the neck and his beautific purity scorches the foul beast, killing it instantly. A melee ensues as Fianna and Edmond Exelby arrive. Fianna is torn apart by one of the garou and Gilboa is injured but the party is victorious in the end. Fianna is carried to the sacred pond and begins to heal while Abdiel takes Yeisha into the woods to speak to her. Yeisha returns to the party and shares information that a tooth of lucifer is loosed onto the world. It appears to be what has pierced the wyrm leading to its’ corruption.
Fianna has recovered sufficiently and howls into the night. Almost immediately there is a chorus of howls in the night. Shortly, the clearing is filled with many Garou. Each of the tribes is represented and a Moot, a gathering of the tribes begins.
The moot begins with each of the party members receiving a sponsor to speak. Yeisha starts off with the Stargazers and announces the wyrm’s injury, and how it happened. The gathering seems doubtful of the truth of this. The Spiral Dancers get in the circle with Gilboa, sponsored by the Shadowlords. He clearly spells out the history to this point and the Spiral Dancers argue their innocence, it is a close social battle, but Gilboa wins out.

Beowulf enters have circle with the patriarch of the Bone Gnawers and howls his rage. It is a truly impressive howl. His sponsor, Elohim, is impressed, as are the other gathered garou. The Bone Gnawer howls back, maybe he sensed the crowd turning away from him, but his howl is a pitiful moan rather than a proud howl. The party has won the moot over, Edmond enters the circle and puts forward a plan of attack. The garou agree, the wyrm must be inspected.

Session 5
The Gate of Gaia

The characters in Enoch all get together and journey back to Notenoch. Edmond, having saved the children of the rest of the party, meets the other party members and joins them in their quest. Yesiha has run off into the woods and the party folows her. She has fallen down a hole within a cave, finding hersef exposed to pure chaos and the war of moist and dry. The rest of the party eventually finds hera nd wanders into the realm of Gaia. The party meets the Weaver, the Wyrm and Gaia and learns a little bit about their place in the universe. The party returns to the earth by way of the gaia gate and finds itself scattered over the known world.

Session 4
Saviour of the Children (HoboLouis solo)

The children of Notenoch are missing, Edmond Exley, a humble farmer whose wife had dissappeared sometime before to Enoch. After some searching, Edmond meets Ferrus Magnus in the woods and joins forces with him, he then meets Fianna and gets some information about what is going on on. He finds that the children have been stolen by Shogolath the beast of a thousand mouths. As Shogolath claims more creatures he becomes more and more able to manifest in reality. Ferrus Magnus and Edmon strike against the creatures and manage to destroy all of the manifestations of Shugolath, including Bjorn of the Spiral Dancers.


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