First Nights

Session 5

The Gate of Gaia

The characters in Enoch all get together and journey back to Notenoch. Edmond, having saved the children of the rest of the party, meets the other party members and joins them in their quest. Yesiha has run off into the woods and the party folows her. She has fallen down a hole within a cave, finding hersef exposed to pure chaos and the war of moist and dry. The rest of the party eventually finds hera nd wanders into the realm of Gaia. The party meets the Weaver, the Wyrm and Gaia and learns a little bit about their place in the universe. The party returns to the earth by way of the gaia gate and finds itself scattered over the known world.


I’m pretty sure you meant the Spinner. It’s got a certain ring to it you know ;)

Session 5
Tejmujin Tejmujin

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