First Nights

Session 7

Sally Forth to Heal the Wyrm

The Moot gathers and readies for the assault past the Blue gate. The party preps along with the other Garou making the venture. Beowulf’s child Elomina, a healer will be joining the party while Beowulf stays to observe the rituals on this side of the portal.
The group dives into the wyrmhole and falls a day, landing in the same spot the party had been in previously. The gate is opened by Edmond and the Bone Gnawer from the moot, likely trying to recover his lost honour, raced past the gate and into the realm of the wyld, weaver and wyrm. He stumbles back out moments later, his face torn from his head. Ferrus roars with rage and flies into the gate, the garou surging with him.

The other side of the gate is full of vile fomori, they form a large mob between the party and the wyrm, which is writhing on the ceiling. The black ichor is steadily oozing from the flank of the wyrm from where Cereberus pierced it. The garou hit the fomori like a freight train striking a jello mould. The fomori envelop the war party and a mighty melee ensues. The healers of the group prepare a healing circle around the wyrm’s wound. The remainder of the war party creates a defensive ring around the healers and does it’s best to hold the disturbing masses at bay. Fomori of all sizes and mutations surge against the line, leapers dive over the defensive line, the party acquits itself very well and manages to keep themselves alive and contribute to the line. Unfortunately, many of the garou are turned to the other side by the black ichor and strike against their former allies. The line gets thinner and thinner, the healers start to drop as the remainder of the prayer circle works harder to close the wyrm’s wounds. It starts to work, but the healers are dropping like flies now. The war party is a fraction of it’s original size when the wyrm’s injury is sealed. As a mass, the fomori turn and sprint towards the portal to the earth. The party follows, many fomori are slain in the mad rush to the earth but many more are able to get through to the earth. The party gets to the portal and jumps through to reach the Earth. At the last second, the key master, Edmond, turns to see the wyrm’s wound open again and a single drop of the black ichor falling to the ground. The party regroups at Notenoch. Yeisha has an encounter with Trelayne, who seems older again from when the party last saw him. He asks that she bring the party to a mountain in the south to meet Belial, a demon from beyond the red gate.


Tejmujin Tejmujin

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