First Nights

Session 8

A Refined Monster

The party ventures into the mountains to the south west of Notenoch to meet Belial, as they had been advised to do by Trelayne. The path to the volcano caldera was treacherous but the ascent is made successfully. The party is astounded to find, at the top of the volcano a luscious home. Made from fine marble and gentle columns, a solitary man, clothed in refined and gorgeous clothes is waiting for them with food and water available to sate their terrible hunger and thirst from climbing the steep path up the volcano. Beowulf refuses to indulge but the rest of the party accepts his hospitality.

He explains that he is Belial, a rebel angel cast from heaven for daring to take a stand defending humanity. He followed Lucifer in the red legion and was punished for his sins along with the other fallen. He has a dilemma and the party has need of some services. He would be happy to sign their document if only they would indulge him in a pair of tasks. Firstly, he explains that the rebels angels have fallen into an abyss, held behind the red door at the bottom of the wyrmholes. But, when they leave the place between worlds they need to be concealed within a vessel or God’s fury is made manifest upon them and they twist into monstrous creatures. He needs a vessel and will explain all of the ins and outs of sharing a body with a potential host. Secondly, he needs the party to find and slay his brother Abaddon. While Belial claims that his task in life is to create a better world for mortal man, Abaddon seeks its utter annihilation, further, he has captured a key to the red gate and is prepared to unleash his faction of demons of the abyss to pour across reality and to destroy all of God’s works. He must be pursued and slain in this world, then he must be found in the shadowlands, followed into the malfean realms and destroyed there as well. Belial tells the party that Trelayne would know where Abaddon is and tells them where they can likely find him, at a waterfall under the crescent moon. The party reluctantly agrees to his tasks and returns to Notenoch.

Gilboa delivers an impassioned speech to the people of Notenoch about life in general and asking for a vessel for Belial. His daughters volunteer for the task and he sends them to the volcano with his blessing. The party then prepares to meet Trelayne at the waterfall.


Tejmujin Tejmujin

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