First Nights

Session 9

An Ally is Corrupted

The party knows that Trelayne is going to be at the waterfall during the next Crescent moon. They lay in wait, Gilboa decides that he will talk to Trelayne, he has his workers extract some of the star metal from the ground in the area in the days leading up to the encounter. Beowulf finds a wyrmhole behind the waterfountain and lies in wait there. Edmond Exelby fetches Ferrus Magnus to help in the ambush. All party members except for Gilboa hide in the area.

Trelayne approaches slowly. Old and whithered, he approaches leaning heavily on a withered wooden cane. He questions Gilboa as to why he is present. Gilboa engages Trelayne in conversation. Trelayne makes a small show of power and Gilboa notices that he ages perceptively when he does. Gilboa begins to try to expose him to the dangers of the power that he has accepted. Trelayne is not receptive to the gentle intervention and when Gilboa mentions that they are opposed to Abaddon, he flips completely out. The party springs their trap on Trelayne to mixed results. CS is rooted to the spot literally, axes and knives stop millimeters from him. Ferrus bursts from the treeline, howling his rage for the night to hear. Trelayne pulls the thong that he keeps Cerberus on from around his neck and throws it at Ferrus. It hits him like a tonne of bricks and he folds around it in mid air. Beowulf and Edmond Exelby high/low Trelayne, tearing the old man apart with their bare hands. The old man collapses into a swarm of snakes that slither into the river. Gilboa rushes to aid Ferrus who is collasped on his front. Gilboa manages to roll him over and notices that one of his arms is empty like a discarded shirt. A black, thickly muscled arm bursts from the hole in his pelt that Cerberus created. Ferrus’ other arm starts to flop, like a eight year old taking off an loose sweater and the other arms bursts from the chest. A quick windmilling motion and the head and torso of a changed Ferrus bursts from his own skin. He quickly attacks the party and after their best efforts, he flees into the night bleeding the black ichor of corruption on the ground like a vile slime trail. Everyone in the party is injured to some degree or another. Beowulf wanders into the woods to call for Elohim. He is surprised to find a pale woman in the woods by the name of Gangrel. However, it is not the Gangrel that he had met before, leading him to wonder who it was that he had copulated with above Enoch. Gangrel offers to help CS’ character and proceeds to do so, pruning him quickly without permanent damage. Beowulf and CS go into the woods to continue their interrogation of Gangrel while Gilboa and Edmond Exelby take Ferrus’ pelt back to his cave. Cerberus falls from the hole in the pelt and Gilboa quickly pockets it. They search the cave and find some prayer bones and scrying materials along with many stones that Ferrus used to sharpen his unbelievably sharp claws.

While Gilboa is searching the cave, Edmond Exelby grows curious, he slips the pelt over his shoulders and slips his arms into the “sleeves”. The pelt closes around him and he launches into a black rage, attacking and mauling Gilboa. CS hears the commotion and returns, neatly impaling Edmond Exelby on a starmetal sword.

The Beowulf pulls Edmond Exelby out of the pelt and begins to administer the last of the healing salve obtained at the henge. The two are still on deaths door when another pale figure makes himself known to the party. He offers to save the two but warns that there is a price for his help and he will only provide that help to one who will accept that cost. Edmond Exelby leaps at the chance but Gilboa is unconscious and unable to respond for himself. Another pale figure steps from the shadows and offers his services even if the receipient is ignorant of the risk.

The party quickly accepts on Gilboa’s behalf and each stranger pours some of their own blood into the mouths of the injured party members. The two party members become ghouls to their new patrons, Edmond Exelby to the immaculate and polite Ventrue, Gilboa to the crafty Set.

Ventrue offers to take posession of the pelt of Ferrus to keep it out of the hands of random elements and those who would misuse it, revealing that he has seen the future and is building a repository for the powerful artifacts that should not be trusted to the world. The party declines his help stating that they’d rather destroy it themselves. He accepts their reasoning but offers his assistance in harbouring this artifact if they ever need the help.

Elohim then arrives, having been summoned by Beowulf earlier. She is devastated by the apparent death of Ferrus, howling into the night. Before long, the waterfall is teeming with weeping, moroseful and enraged garou. Beowulf spills the beans about Abaddon, Trelayne and Ferrus. The drums of war start to sound as a red lightning bolt splits the sky far off to the North East, the direction the shadow beast that was once Ferrus Magnus fled in.


Tejmujin Tejmujin

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