An Angel Fallen From Grace but still working Gods will.


Current Host: Haliron

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Before the Fall

Before the fall Dantalion was akin to a caretaker, minding over paradise mending any and all damage that befell that which dwelt within. She especially enjoyed interacting with the humans, felling a type of parental love for them. She saw them as not only the children of god but as her children, many of the house felt the same way. She was amazed with their ability to learn and the innate curiosity found within them, especially there ability to make choices that lead to injuries, which she would always happily mend.

The Fall

The love for the humans and her infatuation with their ability to make decisions, eventfully led Dantalion to a profound realization. Unlike herself and her kin how were created or specific roll, the humans had no such drives instilled in them at creation, they were free to chose there destiny. The humans had to potential to become greater than any of her kin every could, perhaps surpassing heaven itself. This also led to a melancholy they were children but she was starting to see that Paradise was stunting there growth, they could learn and grow to be so much more, with some guidance of course.
It was at this time when Lucifer was plotting his rebellion. When members of his house approached her with, knowing that doubts were there, and spoke of a bold plan. For the first time she had a choice to make. She had a chance to become more that just a caretaker she could help her children to achieve a greatness never before seen. She spoke out within her house, convincing many others to make a choice to decided there own destiny. During the war she acted as a medic stitching her kin back together, alas her chose lead to her and many others downfall, cast into the abyss for eternity. She felt the torment from being cast out of Heaven but unlike others she maintained a far more of her sanity content in the fact that she had chosen this fate.

The Birth of a Hero

Only God knows how long Dantalion had been suffering in the torment of the Abyss, when suddenly everything became clear. She saw a broken man adrift on a raft, this was the descendents of the humans she use to tend, they had broken free from Paradise they had grown and learned. This man broken in body, starving, dying of thirst, but she could sense the wanderlust in him the need to know more, what lied beyond the next hill, and she could see his defiance of anyone taking his freedom to chose away. She could also sense others watching this man, others that would use him as little more than a puppet. Where were the Guardian Angles why would they let this man suffer so? She had to help this man, but the distance to him was so great, she made a chose she would go to him help however she could no matter the cost to her. The pain was greater than anything she had ever experienced even after eons in the Abyss, it tore at the very fabric of her being, threatening to unmake her, and during the immense struggle all went black.
When next she awoke something was different something was wrong it was not the she had form again but was in an empty gray expanse, and there was another, the man stood before her, he seemed to be fading before her. With the concern and love of a parent of a child she embraced him. “Let me help you, let me make you whole again.” He was week, his body dying, his sprit almost broken but that spark of life that need to survive that had always pulled him through the worst would not let him give up. “Lend me your strength” With the mortal man having made his choice she poured forth all the power she had, all her love and admiration for humanity. Something was not right. There was a blinding flash then darkness and nothing. She no he? Awoke on a shore line that had she had not seen for a long time nor he ever. But he was among friends? She looked at her hands, he looked at his friends, I am free, I am alive! She remembered being a small boy fishing with her father near the town, he remembered the healing the children in paradise, they remembered the war, they felt the Torment of being cast out, they were one.


Haleron/Dantalion does not see himself as a daemon nor fallen at all, but as an Angel, an instrument of god. She made a chose, she was punished for it by god, and surly if she was not to be free god would correct this. He must have needed an Angel that could protect and help guide the mortals to the greatness they could achieve, one that understood pain and suffering for how could one that never felt pain, the disappointment of a father, agony truly understand the human condition. This is why her and Haleron were brought together he needed her strength and she needed his human frailty to keep her grounded, and not become aloof like many that now call themselves Guardian Angels. She will do gods work, she will protect the mortals form the corruption of the Fallen and from the indifferent and dispassionate Angels of Heaven, she will see them rise to greatness. The War in Heaven was allowed to happen because God needs to find this Angel who could carry out his plan. Her time in the Abyss may have left here a little broken. An individual’s right to chose is paramount to Haleron/Dantalion. She will do her best to never intentionally subvert that right, but she does believe that an individual has the right to know all they can before making a chose. She will protect and respect the right of a mortal to chose there destiny. If he can stand in for that mortals place and face the danger for them she will try. She is always leery of getting involved in conflicts between mortals, they have chosen to fight and she will respect that only intervening if the conflict or one side becomes a danger to humanity as a whole. The exception to this is she will always protect those she has pledged to protect (thralls), and children who have not come to an age where they can make their own well informed choice Her attitude towards other supernatural creatures is as long as they are not interfering with a mortal’s ability to make chose or endangering large portions of humanity she does not care about them. If a mortal chooses to be embraced by kindred then they have chosen their destiny. Those that would e forced to become one agenst there will she will protect, unless of course the kindred could convince her that through a series of choices the mortal has chosen this path. Last session when the Kindred wished to feed of the ten brave souls is a prime example, if the mortals freely chose to allow the feeding and were not killed in the possess he has no issue with this, if though some form of force was exerted like dominate for example there would have been an issue. No matter what thought if humanity is threatened as a whole she will fight to her utter destruction to prevent it.
As for followers any followers and Thralls she will tell them the truth of which she is, he is an Angel here on earth doing god’s work. She will never trick one into becoming a Thrall or as she sees it her Chosen. Their faith in her will come from her acts and friendship.
As for an organization that Haleron/Dantalion would try to form this is what I am thinking
An organization dedicated to preserving humanity and its right to choose its own destiny. To that end it would work to prevent supernatural from subverting human populations to a great degree. We would build up a city that would work as our base of operations and eventually have agents in every human population. When conflicts arise between mortals the organization would remain neutral unless there was some form of supernatural involvement on one side or the other. In this case we would move to neutralise the Super natural in question and then once again remove ourselves from the conflict. As well as this Haleron/Dantalion wants to get control of the gates leading to Heaven and Hell and prevents as much as possible Angels and Daemons coming through and interfering with mortal affairs. If I can get a hold of the keys the organization will then work to safe guard them.

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