First Nights

Session 7
Sally Forth to Heal the Wyrm

The Moot gathers and readies for the assault past the Blue gate. The party preps along with the other Garou making the venture. Beowulf’s child Elomina, a healer will be joining the party while Beowulf stays to observe the rituals on this side of the portal.
The group dives into the wyrmhole and falls a day, landing in the same spot the party had been in previously. The gate is opened by Edmond and the Bone Gnawer from the moot, likely trying to recover his lost honour, raced past the gate and into the realm of the wyld, weaver and wyrm. He stumbles back out moments later, his face torn from his head. Ferrus roars with rage and flies into the gate, the garou surging with him.

The other side of the gate is full of vile fomori, they form a large mob between the party and the wyrm, which is writhing on the ceiling. The black ichor is steadily oozing from the flank of the wyrm from where Cereberus pierced it. The garou hit the fomori like a freight train striking a jello mould. The fomori envelop the war party and a mighty melee ensues. The healers of the group prepare a healing circle around the wyrm’s wound. The remainder of the war party creates a defensive ring around the healers and does it’s best to hold the disturbing masses at bay. Fomori of all sizes and mutations surge against the line, leapers dive over the defensive line, the party acquits itself very well and manages to keep themselves alive and contribute to the line. Unfortunately, many of the garou are turned to the other side by the black ichor and strike against their former allies. The line gets thinner and thinner, the healers start to drop as the remainder of the prayer circle works harder to close the wyrm’s wounds. It starts to work, but the healers are dropping like flies now. The war party is a fraction of it’s original size when the wyrm’s injury is sealed. As a mass, the fomori turn and sprint towards the portal to the earth. The party follows, many fomori are slain in the mad rush to the earth but many more are able to get through to the earth. The party gets to the portal and jumps through to reach the Earth. At the last second, the key master, Edmond, turns to see the wyrm’s wound open again and a single drop of the black ichor falling to the ground. The party regroups at Notenoch. Yeisha has an encounter with Trelayne, who seems older again from when the party last saw him. He asks that she bring the party to a mountain in the south to meet Belial, a demon from beyond the red gate.
Session 6
Points made at a moot

The party goes looking for Edmond, out in the woods with Fiana. Yeisha hasn’t been the same since the last session. Beowulf does a less good job than he normally does, but the party does manage to find a henge in the woods. A crystal clear body of water sits in the middle of the clearimg. The moon hangs high in the sky sky. Beowulf notices a rustling sound in the woods and ventures into the underbrush with the rest of the party oblivious. Two figures are encirlcing the henge. Beowulf watches as they circle and waits until they strike against the party. The first figure bursts from the woods and is beaten to the ground by beowulf. He manages to push the garou he is fighting into the water in the middle of the henge. It begins to bubble and froth as the evil garou melts under it’s cleansing effect. He strikes and strikes and strikes with the blade that he was gifted by Gangrel, it is shockingly effective against the garou and he manages to kill one of the moon beasts. The other succombs to wounds inflicted by the rest of the party, but not before howling into the night. The sound of returning howls echoes back to the party as they see the trees around them being pushed this way and that by at least 4 other of the vile beasts. Fianna and Edmond Exelby overhear the howls, Fianna‘s home is not far from the henge and then run to see hwa the commotion is. Yeisha invokes the name of Abdiel who appears, resplendant in his golden armour, bearing his flaming sword. The angel arrives just as the corrupted werewolves break into the clearing of the henge.
Abdiel catches the first one by the neck and his beautific purity scorches the foul beast, killing it instantly. A melee ensues as Fianna and Edmond Exelby arrive. Fianna is torn apart by one of the garou and Gilboa is injured but the party is victorious in the end. Fianna is carried to the sacred pond and begins to heal while Abdiel takes Yeisha into the woods to speak to her. Yeisha returns to the party and shares information that a tooth of lucifer is loosed onto the world. It appears to be what has pierced the wyrm leading to its’ corruption.
Fianna has recovered sufficiently and howls into the night. Almost immediately there is a chorus of howls in the night. Shortly, the clearing is filled with many Garou. Each of the tribes is represented and a Moot, a gathering of the tribes begins.
The moot begins with each of the party members receiving a sponsor to speak. Yeisha starts off with the Stargazers and announces the wyrm’s injury, and how it happened. The gathering seems doubtful of the truth of this. The Spiral Dancers get in the circle with Gilboa, sponsored by the Shadowlords. He clearly spells out the history to this point and the Spiral Dancers argue their innocence, it is a close social battle, but Gilboa wins out.

Beowulf enters have circle with the patriarch of the Bone Gnawers and howls his rage. It is a truly impressive howl. His sponsor, Elohim, is impressed, as are the other gathered garou. The Bone Gnawer howls back, maybe he sensed the crowd turning away from him, but his howl is a pitiful moan rather than a proud howl. The party has won the moot over, Edmond enters the circle and puts forward a plan of attack. The garou agree, the wyrm must be inspected.

Session 5
The Gate of Gaia

The characters in Enoch all get together and journey back to Notenoch. Edmond, having saved the children of the rest of the party, meets the other party members and joins them in their quest. Yesiha has run off into the woods and the party folows her. She has fallen down a hole within a cave, finding hersef exposed to pure chaos and the war of moist and dry. The rest of the party eventually finds hera nd wanders into the realm of Gaia. The party meets the Weaver, the Wyrm and Gaia and learns a little bit about their place in the universe. The party returns to the earth by way of the gaia gate and finds itself scattered over the known world.

Session 4
Saviour of the Children (HoboLouis solo)

The children of Notenoch are missing, Edmond Exley, a humble farmer whose wife had dissappeared sometime before to Enoch. After some searching, Edmond meets Ferrus Magnus in the woods and joins forces with him, he then meets Fianna and gets some information about what is going on on. He finds that the children have been stolen by Shogolath the beast of a thousand mouths. As Shogolath claims more creatures he becomes more and more able to manifest in reality. Ferrus Magnus and Edmon strike against the creatures and manage to destroy all of the manifestations of Shugolath, including Bjorn of the Spiral Dancers.

Session 3
A Night in Enoch

The party is unleashed on Enoch for an evening, each of the players meets the member of the 3rd generation that they are hoping to meet, Beowulf has a tryst with Gangrel, but also meets Lasombra slumbering under the sea. Yeisha meets Toreador and Tzimisce, Gilboa meets Brujah, <<geoff’s>> meets Malkav. The party is tasked with obtaining the permission of the Living, the Dead, the Fallen, the Blessed and the Wild.

Session 2
The Road to Enoch

A horn sounds throughout creation and an angel descends to claim the soul of one of the first humans. Eve has died and Adam has decided that he must talk to his son, Caine. The party is enlisted as his heralds to escort him to Enoch to visit his son. After an arduous journey through the wilds of creation, the party arrives at Enoch, and is offered to Caine by Adam. Caine announces that the players will be the last vampires embraced until the end of time. The party feels a little betrayed.

Session 1
The Missing Child

The party is called to help find a missing child. After several days in the woods the characters find the child in a cave and have an encounter with Ferrus Magnus. The party manages to save the child, Trelayne, who has aged 12 years in a few days.


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